Favorite Links

Enumclaw High School Athletics:

For all the latest information on the Hornet’s this is the place.

Move forward:

This is a site developed  for patients by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Pediatric Sports Injuries:

This is a site devoted to injury prevention in youth athletics.

Another informative site on sports injury prevention suggested by one of our readers.

Covers the benefits of youth sports, youth sports injury statistics, general sports injury prevention methods and sport specific injury rates and prevention.

Enumclaw Regional Healthcare Foundation:

This is the Enumclaw Regional Healthcare Foundation website.  The Enumclaw Healthcare Foundation  oversees five task forces in the community: Neighbors Feeding Neighbors, which addresses hunger; Foothills Healthy Community Coalition, which looks at drug and alcohol issues to find solutions that keep residents safe; LINCCK, which focuses on domestic violence and building a kinder, more caring community; Mental Health, which is examining those issues and their impact on Plateau society; and AskFLIN.com, a comprehensive online healthcare resource.

Enumclaw School District:

This is the Enumclaw School District website which has information on school district activities.