At Aspire Physical Therapy, we offer multiple products to help you reduce pain and regain your normal lifestyle. These include the following products:

Cervical Traction Unit for home use:

Cervical traction helps reduce neck pain, arm numbness and tingling.

Lumbar Traction Unit for home use:

Lumbar traction helps reduce lower back pain, leg pain, numbness and tingling

TENS Unit for home use:

TENS is an electrical stimulation device which offers an alternative to pain medications to reduce pain in the body

These products can be purchased regardless of insurance coverage:

Electrodes – if you already own a TENS unit and need new electrodes, sets of four electrode pads can be purchased.
Biofreeze pain relieving gel
Hot and cold gel packs
Heel lifts
Shoulder pulley
Foam rolls
Lumbar rolls/supports
Heating pads